Billing tenants for solar energy

Be Your Own Power Grid™ and add new energy profits by billing tenants for electricity.

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We make it easy to sell solar power to your tenants

Property owners can create their own energy marketplace by selling onsite generated electricity to their tenants at the same rate as their local utility.

Disrupting the Traditional PPA model

Sell electricity to your tenants at the highest utility TOU rates instead of a fixed rate Power Purchase Agreement.
Maximize the capital return on your clean energy investment.

Earn 3X more revenue with Energy311

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How it works

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Measure Usage

With no upfront equipment, we can measure the energy usage directly from your existing setup.

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Generate custom bill

Designed like a local utility bill, we can customize your bill with your company name, logo, and information hierarchy.

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Apply utility rates

Increase revenues and building value

Read Chiquita Banana Case Study

We work with any sized system

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Profit Calculator

Select one of our building types or enter your own building data to get an estimation of your potential profit.

Or enter your own:

Enter kWh, e.g. 243,000

Enter electricity bill total, e.g. 63,723

$0M Avg NOI increase

Net operating income

$0M added property value

Added property value = NOI ÷6% Cap Rate

$0M total profit

NOI + Added Property Value

0% IRR

Internal Rate of Return

Our Advantage

Energy311 platform helps property owners charge tenants for solar power. We handle all the billing and collection details, ensuring you quickly earn back your investment in renewable energy.


Owners of tenant occupied commercial real estate: shopping malls, cold storage, manufacturing, hospitals, grow farms, multifamily can now profit by billing tenants for energy. We provide the tools so you can become your own utility - increasing your building revenue and value by more than 10%.


Tenants are invoiced using rate schedules and line items published by your local energy utility. As prevailing rates change, your tenant bill will automatically reflect updated rate, tax and time of use (TOU) charges.

Data driven

By carefully reviewing your energy usage, property owners can make $ by selling electricity generated onsite and reducing overall energy usage. Our meters meet AB802 energy reporting requirements.


See what companies have to say about our custom solutions.

Financial sense for both tenant and landlord

"I've spoken to 5 separate solar developers, no one has proposed something that made financial sense for both tenant and landlords at commercial properties, until you came with Energy311's solution."

Daniel S.
IRA Capital

Give control back to the property owner

"I'd love to go head-to-head against a competitor that is proposing a PPA; you guys give control back to the property owner."

RMarie P.
Stellar Solar

Huge value proposition

"You are providing a unique value proposition that doesn't exist in the marketplace."

Philippe H.